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With Ground Zero Africa Industries' renewable energy solutions, you can successfully switch to clean and sustainable energy with our comprehensive wind energy solutions.

Our experienced team specializes in the sales, installation, and maintenance of top-quality wind turbines, so you can enjoy lower energy costs, reduced carbon footprints, and experience reliable power supply.

Embrace the future of energy with our trusted wind energy products and services which can be deployed anywhere in Nigeria or Africa.
Wind Energy Installation & Consulting
What is Wind Energy?

Wind energy is a renewable form of energy generated by harnessing the power of the wind. It involves converting the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical or electrical energy using wind turbines. Wind turbines consist of large blades mounted on a tall tower, which rotate when the wind blows. This rotational motion drives a generator that produces electricity.

Wind energy is a clean and abundant source of power that has gained significant popularity worldwide. It offers numerous environmental and economic benefits. It is a clean energy source, producing no greenhouse gas emissions or air pollutants during operation. It helps reduce reliance on fossil fuels, decreases carbon footprint, and mitigates climate change.

Wind energy has vast potential, particularly in areas with consistent and strong wind resources. It can be harnessed onshore, where wind farms are built on land, or offshore, where wind turbines are installed in bodies of water. Offshore wind farms have the advantage of accessing stronger and more consistent winds, although they involve additional logistical challenges.

Wind energy is a sustainable and cost-effective solution for meeting electricity demands. Advances in technology have led to more efficient turbines, reducing the cost of wind power production. Additionally, government incentives and policies, along with public support for renewable energy, have contributed to the growth of the wind energy sector.

While wind energy has numerous benefits, challenges include intermittency (wind availability varies), visual and noise impacts, and potential effects on wildlife and ecosystems. However, careful site selection, proper planning, and ongoing research aim to address these concerns and optimize the benefits of wind energy.

Key Questions & Answers

Some of the key questions and answers you may need are below:
Our trade process spreads across CIF and FOB depending on the buyer's preference.

Here's what they entail:

1). Ex Works:
Ex Works means that the seller shall deliver the goods as soon as they are made available to the buyer at the seller's premises or other designated premises (e.g. factory, plant, warehouse, etc.). The seller shall not be obligated to load the goods onto a collecting vehicle or to clear the products for export.

2). Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF): Here, the seller will handle everything from loading the vessel, paying for insurance, and sending the product to wherever the buyer wants it delivered.

3). Freight On Board (FOB): Here, the seller pays for the transportation of the goods to the port of shipment, plus loading costs, while the buyer pays the cost of marine freight transport, insurance, unloading, and transportation from the originating port to the final destination.

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We ensure that the most critical industrial raw materials ranging from ithium ores like spodumene, lepidolite and amblygonite to the supply of tantalite, silica sand and much more commodities required for manufacturing in the renewable energy space, are delivered on time, every time. We also ensure that we deliver the most efficient and powerful renewable energy solutions to our clients for their vast array of projects

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