Ground Zero Africa Industries
Lithium Ore Mining & Processing In Nigeria
Invest In Our 500 TPD Lithium Processing Plant In Nigeria
We're the top lithium experts in Nigeria.
Ground Zero Africa Industries
Solar Energy Installation & Consulting
Solar Panels Installation & Maintenance
We're one of the top solar energy consultants and installation experts in Nigeria and Africa.
Ground Zero Africa Industries
Biofuels Factory Installation & Consulting
Biofuels Factory Installation & Maintenance
We're one of the top Biofuel production consultants in Nigeria and Africa.
Ground Zero Africa Industries
Wind Energy Installation & Consulting
Wind Turbines Installation & Maintenance
We're one of the top wind energy consultants in Nigeria and Africa.
Ground Zero Africa Industries
Mini/Micro Grid Installation & Consulting
Mini/Micro Grid Installation & Consulting
We're one of the top Mini/Micro Grid consultants in Nigeria and Africa.
Ground Zero Africa Industries
Energy Storage Centre Installation & Consulting
Energy Storage Centre Installation & Maintenance
We're one of the top Energy Storage Centre consultants in Nigeria and Africa.

Source of Renewable Energy Products

We supply renewable energy products and rare earth metals

Metallic Minerals

Reneweable Energy


Our Commitment To You

We Commit To Excellence In Our Products & Service Delivery

From supplying rare earth metals like lithium that is used in the electric car industry to providing expert consulting for renewable energy products ranging from solar energy to wind energy, biofuels, energy audits, batteries, EV technology and much more, our local and global expertise is built to see your project succeed.
Our mission is to provide world-class renewable energy solutions and to get the critical rare earth metals to where they are needed, on time, every time.
Stanley Edom. CEO of Ground Zero Africa Industries
Stan Edom
Our Founder
Mini/Micro Grid Installation & Consulting
Customer Rating
Supplying More Than 40+ Critical Minerals & Metals and Counting

Reliable Partner For Critical Raw Materials & Renewable Energy Solutions

To ensure that production continues all-year round in the renewable energy space, we source and supply the critical raw materials that our clients need to keep their production going. And we provide renewable energy solutions to continue to accelerate our mission to reduce CO2 emiission and save the planet.
Gorund zero africa ship export
After more than 10,000 tonnes of critical raw materials delivered and innovative renewable energy solutions installed, we’re still pioneering new ways to scale up our operations and exceed our customers' expectations.
Hundreds Of Thousands Of Places To Charge

Critical Industrial Raw Materials Supplies

With our wide range of products and services, we're poised to become the leading supplier of critical industrial raw materials in Africa.

We Are Ready To Do Business With You!

Whether you're a local or international client or even a supplier of commodities and renewable energy solutions, wer'e ready to do business with you! Our integrated supply chain network, makes it easy for us to quickly secure, produce and supply the needed raw materials to their project sites.
Our industry experience provides great assurance and comfort to our clients.
We continue to go above and beyond for our clients because of the vast range of experience and network that we have in our industry.
24/7 Customer Service
After-sales support
Wind Energy Installation & Consulting
We Are Ready To Turbo-Charge Your Renewable Ennergy Projects

More Than 27+ Clients And counting


We Are Ready To Take Your Order

We ensure that the most critical industrial raw materials ranging from ithium ores like spodumene, lepidolite and amblygonite to the supply of tantalite, silica sand and much more commodities required for manufacturing in the renewable energy space, are delivered on time, every time. We also ensure that we deliver the most efficient and powerful renewable energy solutions to our clients for their vast array of projects

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